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Digital Impresions at My Smile Artist Digital Impressions offer a more comfortable, and a far more accurate, way to replicate your dentition.

Until recent years, the best way to complete a preparation for a crown or bridge was to take an impression. This thick, viscous material was squirted around the tooth and given time to “set up,” then it was removed from the mouth and sent off to a lab, where the fabrication of your crown or bridge was to be completed.

Not only was this process difficult for the patient, as gagging and choking were not uncommon, this process also allows for distortion of the impression even when completed by the best of practitioners. This distortion could ultimately lead to a poor fitting final product.

We are proud to again be a part of a changing paradigm in our profession.

Ours was the first office in the southern United States to incorporate the LAVA Chairside Oral Scanner, which has since evolved into the TruDefinition Scanner, into everyday practice. A very compact wand is placed into the mouth to scan the teeth prepared for crowns and bridges. The device is an intraoral computerized scanner that eliminates all of the impression material, and consequently all of the steps that can result in distortion. The scanner uses digital data for construction of extremely precise fitting restorations.

Digital Impressions offer unparalleled accuracy and an improved patient experience.

To date, we have completed thousands of restorations and have had excellent results in every case. That’s right, 100% success rates with truly unparalleled accuracy. All of our patients have favorable things to say about the new procedures.

Because of his expertise in the incorporation of the scanner into his practice, Dr. Schroder has been asked by 3M (the manufacturer of the scanner) to be a part of a speaker’s bureau to teach other dentists across the United States the technique. Dr. Schroder has also been involved in the research and development of new scanner models and continues to be an active voice for future advancements of the product. He has also authored several articles that demonstrate the scanners’ accuracy.

We truly believe that the use of computers has finally found its way into restorative dentistry and will change our profession forever.

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